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THE MATCHELOR is the story of this poor heartbroken Yankee ballplayer named Spenser Cahill who gets wrangled into being the love interest on a really bad imitation of The Bachelor. When I say bad, I mean really bad; the producer/director is using the show as a front to run drugs, and the contestants? Well, let’s say they are not exactly the cream of the crop. There’s the girl who thinks she’s a psychic, a batty zookeeper—by batty, I mean she takes care of bats. Additionally, we have a repo agent, a contestant who is a chicken sexer—bet you didn’t know that was really a thing—and a porn star.

Then there’s Rory Wright. The mortician.

DEAD HOT LOVE, my current project, is Rory’s story. In a nutshell, she is about to embalm this dead guy who turns out not to be dead. Not only is he not dead, he can’t remember who he is since the reason he was almost dead is because he got bonked on the head by two idiot guys who think he is a cop out to close down their meth lab. Now, idiots being idiots, these two believe that the only way to save their meth lab is—get this—to kill him again.

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Until Next Time... XX Katy

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