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Love, Life, Laughter

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Baby and the Bank Robber

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If you love those madcap romantic comedy movies from the 1930s… You’ll love Baby and the Bank Robber.It’s 1934, and poor Baby Faye is pretending she’s eleven so the crooked fake reverend who adopted her can bilk people out of their money. But who wants to be eleven forever? Certainly not Faye, she’s got her eye on bigger things, like solving a mystery. And finding love, which is where dreamy bank robber Harry Pleasant comes in. So when an opportunity to achieve her goals presents itself, Faye jumps at it; by stowing away in the trunk of the handsome bank robber’s car. Join Faye and Harry on their wild ride through Oklahoma in Harry’s beat up old jalopy as they rob banks, adopt stray cats, spend a night dancing by the light of the silvery moon and falling madly in love while trying to solve a murder.


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I started writing, a historical with me as the heroine, of course, when I was nine-years old. Since there were no computers in those days, all I got out of the exercise was twenty hand-written pages and a blister on my middle finger. It would be another thirty years before I took another shot at a story. 

Hail the invention of Microsoft WORD! Still, even with modern technology, it took a few unfortunate months of unasked for unemployment (alliteration, anyone) before I returned to something that I had loved doing since kid-hood. 

I love to write stories that have a humorous slant although occasionally I write something serious.  I love not-so-perfect heroes, quirky heroines and secondary characters that you would like to disown if they are relatives but unfortunately are stuck with.  Whether romantic comedy or something more serious, I hope all my stories bring a bit of LIFE, LOVE, and LAUGHTER into your life.

I live in New York City, a city rich in history, weird residents and fantastic neighborhoods, a treasure trove to draw upon when writing.

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