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Life, Love, Laughter

"A good book is one of the great joys in life. Books can make you cry, make you laugh, terrify you, or make you want to change the world, or at least your small corner of it.


When I sit down at my computer and wrack my brain for that next line, that next plot device, that next story that I believe must be told, I’m hoping you laugh along with me, cry along with me, or even feel a little shudder of fear along with me. And when you reach the last page, I hope you are sorry to say goodbye to my hero and heroine, even as you have rooted for their happy ending."


Katy Berritt

dreamstime_xxl_186642602 Heart  copy.jpg

Fred, owner of world-famous Contessa Chocolates, has been murdered while relaxing in his Barca-lounger. As Fred’s right-hand woman, stepdaughter Candace McCready was promised she would inherit the business. 

Well, big surprise; Fred changed his mind and left it to Gabe, the son he disinherited and Candace’s first love. 

The only good news is that Fred left Candace the Recipe, the secret to the company’s billion-dollar sales. The bad news is that the Recipe has mysteriously disappeared. 

Now the race is on as bumbling detectives, Candace and Gabe, investigate the suspects who could be any one of Fred’s five ex-wives, his brother Mr. Toad, and his son, the Tadpole, or even, gasp, the butler.

Will former sweethearts Candace and Gabe find the Recipe and identify the killer before the killer finds them?

The Candy Capers is NOW AVAILABLE on all major retailers, and is free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!



I started writing, a historical with me as the heroine, of course, when I was nine-years old. Since there were no computers in those days, all I got out of the exercise was twenty hand-written pages and a blister on my middle finger. It would be another thirty years before I took another shot at a story. 

Hail the invention of Microsoft WORD! Still, even with modern technology, it took a few unfortunate months of unasked for unemployment (alliteration, anyone) before I returned to something that I had loved doing since kid-hood. 

I love to write stories that have a humorous slant although occasionally I write something serious.  I love not-so-perfect heroes, quirky heroines and secondary characters that you would like to disown if they are relatives but unfortunately are stuck with.  Whether romantic comedy or something more serious, I hope all my stories bring a bit of LIFE, LOVE, and LAUGHTER into your life.

I live in New York City, a city rich in history, weird residents and fantastic neighborhoods, a treasure trove to draw upon when writing.

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