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Baby and the Bank Robber

baby mockup.png

It’s 1934, and Baby Faye is pretending she’s eleven so the fake revivalist reverend who adopted her can con people out of their money. But no one wants to be eleven forever, which is why Faye’s got her eyes on bigger things, things like solving a mystery. And finding the love of her life. Unfortunately, love isn’t easy to find when you’re still pretending to be eleven. But things suddenly look up when she sees a wanted poster of handsome bank robber Harry Pleasant and realizes he is the answer to her dreams.

But how is she supposed to find her dream man when he's on the lam from the law?

Then one day fate comes calling in the form of Orville, Harry’s lunatic cousin who wants to see Faye’s revival show and Norbert, a second cousin who wants to rob the library. No one ever said Faye was too stupid to recognize the possibility of love when it falls into her lap. She grabs the opportunity with both hands by stowing away in the trunk of the handsome bank robber’s car.

Join Faye and Harry on their wild ride through Oklahoma in Harry’s beat up old jalopy as they rob banks, adopt stray cats, spend a night dancing by the light of the silvery moon and fall madly in love while trying to solve a murder.

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