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Love on the Run

A short romantic comedy
Available now on Amazon

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As far as Sean McGillicutty is concerned, escaping from jail is a matter of life and death and nothing this side of death will stop his getaway… Well, except maybe the fact that when he was arrested, the cops handcuffed him to his archenemy, Carrie Cartwright. And the fact she hates his guts because he interfered with her plans for the local bank. And maybe the fact she’s fighting his escape every inch of the way.

Not that he really minds because nothing turns him on more than a woman with spunk.

As for Carrie, she has no desire to escape from jail, especially with Sean McGillicutty. No, she’d prefer to stay right where she is; comfortably eating her nutrition bar as she waits to make bail. But when the guy determined to escape is a hunky six-feet tall and he’s attached to you, what’s a girl to do except get dragged along on the journey? If only the pain in the butt handcuffed to her wasn’t so darned attractive.

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