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A Wild and Wooly Texan

Lord Algernon Gray is the third son of the Duke of Stonebridge. He’s also a wastrel, a womanizer, and a bit of a sot. Fed up with his antics, his father delivers an ultimatum; Algernon has one year to make a profit from his father’s cattle ranch in Texas. Or else.


Problem One: Algernon is terrified of cows so…he’ll simply raise sheep instead. Problem two? Cattlemen hate sheep.


Molly Yeager is the town schoolteacher and owner of the local pharmacy. She’s also almost six feet and the town’s resident old maid. What she wants more than anything is to invent something that will get her out of Briar. The problem is most of her experiments tend to catch on fire. Or blow up. Or burn holes in her favorite dresses. It looks hopeless.


Then, one day, God, ie, my lord—walks into her life.

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