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Love & Laughter

Four Short Stories


Love Humbug - Holly Bush hates Christmas. She especially hates this year because she just learned her ex-boyfriend sold her house, which wasn’t for sale, and ran away with the money.


Love on the Run - Carrie Cartwright had no intention of escaping from jail. But when the guy she’s handcuffed to decides to make a break for it, she’s just along for the ride.


Love Has Its Ups and Downs - Izzy’s goal is to marry her rich, handsome boss. That all changes when she gets stuck in an elevator with Kyle, her handsome new neighbor. Did I mention she has claustrophobia?


Who Knew the Apocalypse Would Be So Boring - Daphne Kelly is about to lose her mind. Due to the pandemic, she’s been locked up in her apartment with nothing to do for weeks. But things change when she looks across the street and spots hunky baseball player Dan Brady exercising next to his window.

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