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The Candy Capers

Fred Jones, owner of Contessa Chocolate and Confectionary, is dead; murdered while relaxing in his Barca-lounger. Contrary to Fred’s promise to Candace, Fred has left the business to his son Gabe. Candace is devastated by the betrayal but at least Fred left her The Recipe, which is the secret to Contessa’s success. But even her supposed windfall turns into another shock as The Recipe has mysteriously disappeared. 

Since all the police care about is finding the murderer, Candace decides she and Gabe need to find The Recipe themselves even though she hates the idea of working with Gabe. After all, who wanted to spend hours with the man who charmed the panties off her then dumped you? Especially since, even eleven years later, Candace isn’t sure she can keep her panties on.

Lucky's Ladies

Way back when, Aiden (Lucky) Burke loved Lindsay Shepard with all his heart and so they were married, for all of twelve minutes. It might have lasted a tad longer if right after the ceremony, Aiden hadn’t trampled on Lindsay’s life-long dream to escape her home town of Guthrie to become a doctor. But he had, and so they didn’t, stay married, that is. Instead, Lindsay went off to college while Aiden left for vet school.

Years later, they both return but other than becoming a veterinarian and a pediatrician, respectively, nothing has changed; oh, except for the four ex-wives Lucky acquired in the interim—four wives who still live in Guthrie.

Can Lucky ever convince Lindsay that she is, and always has been, his one true love?

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