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Coming May 2023
A Wild and Wooly Texan

 A historical western romantic comedy.

Is that a thing, you ask. Darned tootin it’s a thing. I just made it a thing. 

So, it’s a western but not really a western. Think of it as your standard romantic comedy only with horses instead of cars. Oh, and no social media. I know! What a relief right? After all, who needs social media. Think how much more fun life was before social media. I mean, families spent their evenings together doing exciting things like playing cards, playing charades and washing laundry. Fun, huh.

A Wild and Wooly Texan is coming out May 1, 2023. The theme of the book is ‘a duck out of water’ featuring wastrel Lord Algernon Grey who is exiled to Texas to learn to be a man, and budding chemist Molly Yeager who shows him the error of his ways. It also features the usual off-the-wall secondary characters such as Algernon’s prissy valet Martin and tiny Tommy who thinks Algernon is God.

Oh, and did I mention, Algernon plans to make his mark in cattle country by raising sheep.

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