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So, there’s this weird, but wonderful thing, that happens in democratic societies. It’s this thing called an election. An election is where there’s a position of leadership that two people are vying for. The two people say, “Yeah, I want to be (Student body president. School board chairman. Governor. President of the United States) whatever the case may be. They tell everyone why they would make a good whatever and then everyone votes for the person they like the best. Great system, right?

That’s not what happened in my case.

Last fall, my RWA chapter president announced, according to RWA bylaws, she could not seek another term as our chapter president.

“Awww,” we all said. “You’ve done such a great job. Are you sure you can’t fudge a little and be president in 2024?”

2023 president—the ratfink—replied: “Nope. No can do. But we still need a president, so chapter members, which of you would like to run to be our president next year? Come on, people. Anyone? Anyone? Speak up.”   

  So next the 2023 president said—perkily: “Well, no worries. Katy Berritt, I think you would make a great president so I nominate you to be our president.”

Me—whining: “But I don’t know enough to be president. I barely knew enough to be treasurer this year.”

2023 president said—cheerfully: “Not a problem at all. I’ll help. The other board members will help. You’ll catch on in no time (hee hee hee).”

Me—more whining: “But I don’t wanna be president.”

2023 president said—snarkily: “You’ll be great!”

Last Saturday, I hosted the first chapter meeting for 2024—as president. Sigh.

It’s a little bit like when my daughter called me a few years ago….

Daughter: “Mom, my boyfriend and I found this feral kitten in the backyard. She’s really cute and she’s really sweet and she’s really affectionate and she needs a home.”

Me—stubbornly: “What’s wrong with your home?”

Daughter—coaxing: “Aww, mom, you want a cat, you know you do. You’re all alone since Tink (my ferret) died. It’ll be good for you to have company.”

Me—whine, whine, whine: “But I don’t wanna a cat.”

Yes, this is the cat. Yesterday I took her to the vets for her regular shots and bloodwork for possible dental work. $594 with another $1,000 to follow for the actual dental procedure. Thanks, daughter.

So, as you can see, we don’t always get what we want.

There are, however, two things that I want that I hope I’ll get. One is for all my readers to have a happy and healthy 2024. The second is that I hope all of you will check out my new book, BABY AND THE BANK ROBBER, being published by Champagne Books February 5, 2024. 


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