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Final or Kill

Financial Advisor Hailey Wingate, discovers a million dollars has mysteriously disappeared from a client’s account, and that the client has been murdered. With her entire life exploding around her, Hailey can’t understand why this is happening. She has spent her life working to prove she is not like her mother, a high-priced call girl in Las Vegas. Facing termination, and possibly prison, she thinks things couldn’t possibly get worse.

Fellow Advisor, Alan Craig, has had a thing for Hailey for years. But Hailey is engaged so all he can do is flirt and dream about the day she dumps her fiancé. Involved as a teenager in a horrific auto accident, Alan still carries the physical and mental scars. Although successful in his career, he has never gotten over his guilt at being unable to save his passenger. But helping Hailey solve the mystery of the embezzled money might be his chance to prove himself. 

What follows is a twisted path involving risky investing gone wrong, gambling, the Russian mob, and another murder. Ultimately past love is betrayed, courage is proven, and true love is found. 

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