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A Very Sappy Holiday

It’s Valentine’s Day!

In other words,

it’s Sap’s day.

Just so you know, I'm don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I love saps. Sappy movies make me cry. Sappy books give me that aww feeling. Small children and animals? The sappier the better. Crap, I've been known to cry watching sappy TV commercials. That commercial from the ASPCA always gets me. I have to shut my eyes and mute the sound until it’s over. If I didn’t, I would probably send them my entire bank balance. (FYI, I do donate monthly). Yesterday there was a bit on the local news about this abandoned cat that needed rescuing. Of course, I teared up. You know why? Because I'm a Sap!

I try to keep my Sappiness well hidden. Sappiness in business is not a quality that gets you a lot of promotions or raises. I think if you asked my friends and previous business associates, they would say I'm not the kind of gal who cries over sappy cards or gushy holidays. Little do they know.

This year, I've been inundated with emails asking for donations, everything from Adopt a Cockroach to Save the Ukraine. Gah! I want to save them all, but I had to draw the line at cockroaches. Just so you know, these are not your garden variety New York City garbage type cockroaches. These suckers are these huge bugs from Madagascar that the Bronx Zoo has. I don’t know why a cockroach from Madagascar is so much better than our New York City roaches but apparently, they are. What I do know, is, if I saw one of them skittering down a New York sidewalk… Boom! Sorry, Bronx Zoo. A roach is a roach is a roach.

I'm an easily influenced Sap. Several years ago, my daughter lived in a ground floor apartment out in Brooklyn. In the backyard lived a colony of feral cats. Now, NYC has a program where they capture the colony, neuter them and release them back to where they came from. That year, they swept up the entire colony but missed a kitten, maybe five weeks old. My daughter and her boyfriend spent three days trying to capture the kitten and finally did. She was skinny, ragged, had fleas and an eye infection. They took it to the vets and got her all better. Guess what happened next?

“Hey, Mom, I bet you’d like a kitten?”

Now, I had just had my last pet, a ferret, die and I was looking forward to a pet free apartment. “No thanks, I don’t want a kitten.”

“Sure you do. You need a pet. You need someone to cuddle up to at night.”

“No, I don’t, I really don’t.”

“Aw, come on. She’s really cute. And sweet. You’ll love her.”

“No, I won’t. No more pets!”

This is Katie. Because I'm a Sap.

So, if you’re as big a Sap as I am, buy your honey a sappy card. Buy him or her a bouquet, the bigger the better. Buy your kids some of those terrible tasting candy hearts with the sappy sayings on them. But most importantly, make sure you tell them all how much you love them….in the sappiest possible way.

Happy Sap’s Day all.

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