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First Blog From a New Author. Baby Steps.

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In life, there’s a first time for everything; first day of life, first baby steps, the first day of school, First date. First sex….. Umm, yeah, no, big letdown, just like the guy’s…. Well, you know what I mean. This leads me to what I’m doing now, writing my first blog.

Blog. What a really weird word, right? I mean, if I start at the beginning of the alphabet, I know what all those other ‘og’ words are (clue—there’s a bunch);

Bog—that wet patch your mother tells you to stay out of because the cows like to poop there. But why do what she said? Bogs are fun.

Cog—that doohickey that makes machinery go round and round.

Dog—Steve, my brother’s dog.

Fog—clouds that don’t know enough to get up off the ground and go where they belong.

Hog—okay, we all know one of those. That was the guy in second grade that stole your brownie off your school lunch tray every day.

Jog—this is what that hog in second grade should have been doing more of.

Okay, I could go on, but you get the idea. So, let’s talk about my blog. I’m a writer. Unpublished…but soon to be published. I’m told I need to have a blog because it’s part of getting my name out there so maybe one, maybe two people actually read what I labored over for months. If I’m lucky, they’ll even pay to buy what I wrote. Everyone can spare a few bucks for a good read, right?

I’ve lived many, many, many decades (no way am I telling you how many decades I’ve lived. It’s none of your business) without a blog so why do I need one now? It’s just one more thing I have to write that isn’t my book.

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1 Comment

Apr 18, 2022

Great imagination, Great writing, Keep going!

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