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Still struggling and hoping I don't step in it

I’m still struggling with this blog thing. I can’t figure out why I’m doing this, because, once I write my blog, where does it go? I mean, does it miraculously

jump into everyone’s Facebook page alerting them to the fact there is a fabulous new writer out there that they HAVE to read her debut book, or does it just lie there like freshly dumped dog poop, waiting for every dog in the neighborhood to walk by and sniff it, his little doggie brain telling him, woof, this is some weird poop, man, I can tell whoever laid this turd has shit for brains.

So, given the fact that I have no answer to any of this, I’m just going to lay it out here in hopes that someone picks it up, you know, like they do in New York City where you’re not allowed to leave dog shit laying around on the streets for people to step in.

If you decide to pick it up, just let me know, so I’ll know that I’m not just writing a pile of shit that lays there, unforgotten, and un-mourned.

Read my blog. Tell me you read my blog. Don't make me sad like the poor sad dog above. Hopefully, I added a little lightness and humor to your day. If you like my stuff, stay tuned for the next episode when my daughter will once again walk me through the morass of social media and marvel at how dumb I am. Cheers!

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